As I was saying… wait… what was I saying?

I truly enjoy a good movie. I mean, you know, I can really disappear into the well told narrative of a two hour motion picture. I enjoy a good book, as well, mind you. Yet, my brain has always raced – way too fast – for me to sit in the same location for any extended period of time. I get the “gotta go’s” quite easily.

It is also difficult for me to verbally yarn an anecdote together in a cohesive, and timely, manner. You can ask me, in person, what my favorite color is and, three or more hours later, I will have explained the durability of an M16A1 rifle, the lifespan of a mosquito and an in depth description of my favorite pair of running shoes. But, I will have forgotten what you had originally asked me. Ask me again and I will enthusiastically lead us down another trail of impertinent “facts”. It happens every time.

God forbid you ask me to speak while I’m behind the wheel of a car or, even worse, while I am preparing food to be eaten. Good God … the final destinations, of such, have been “noteworthy”, to say the least. One time, I missed my highway exit seven times in a row. I kept missing it as I continued to speak while turning around to head back.

Another time, I put pimiento stuffed olives on my daughter’s pb & j sandwich.

Meldie, my wife, has adapted a gentle guidance system [to offer me] through conversations while I am “multitasking”. She has done so, I believe, out of her sheer will to survive. I compare her help to that of a seeing-eye dog leading a blind man through traffic. It is somewhat pitiful to behold yet beautiful in it’s woven partnership. Our conversing partnership, however, leans more toward the pitiful than the beautiful. She, somehow, finds amusement in my “idiosyncrasies”.

Other folks, nonetheless, don’t find any amusement in my oral chronicles. “Painful”, “distracting”, and “terrifying” are how most people describe it. Some people get the “gotta go’s”, immediately, whenever I grab the figurative “mic”. They’d rather leave the general vicinity, altogether, than have to wait, patiently, for me to eventually answer, “What time is it?”

Speaking of the time, it’s almost 5:00 pm – I gotta go. But, before I do, I took some photos, this past week, that I really like. Meldie sent me to Aldi to pick up a few things. Three hours later, I came home with these pictures… and the things that I was supposed to get (Praise God!).

On the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works, I will meditate.

Psalm 145:5 esv
Bert. Meldie doesn’t like when he eats the seeds from her birdfeeder…
So, I give him something more appetizing (that’s him in our crabapple tree)

Published by rrlgabriel

R.L. Gabriel is a US Army Airborne Combat Medic (veteran), former drug addict, father, husband, construction worker and follower of Jesus. He writes with an uncommon honesty while chronicling his past and describing how he walks by faith. His self reflecting memoirs will be published weekly. He lives in the American Midwest with his beautiful wife Meldie. Together, they host and tend to a diverse group of backyard critters while raising an indoor goldfish named Petey.

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